Recently I told you about the new Facebook hidden object game Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures and today I decided to create and share with you this guide that will help you get the most out of the game and at the same time, it will make sure that you know everything about this cute hidden object social title! So let’s check out below the Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures guide and at the bottom some tips and tricks for a better strategy and let’s have fun playing the game!

First of all, it’s worth mentioning again what I said in the review: the game is glitched and you will have to play it in full screen mode, otherwise a bit of the right side of the screen will be cut off and you could miss important items (especially in the hidden object scenes).

These being said, let’s check out the user interface and get used to it – since knowing everything about it is what makes Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures easier to play:

We’ll get past the pretty obvious (like house level, energy and so on) and we have:

1. The list of quests. Clicking a quest here will show you the requirements and usually will have a “Go” button that takes you to the place where you can actually complete the mission.
2 & 3: these are Hidden Object scenes available in Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures. As you progress, you will unlock more and more scenes.
4. The menu that allows you to travel to your home, check out the region map (for more scenes), your collections and so on.

You will spend most of the time searching and finding objects in the hidden object scenes: simply clicking a scene will take you right to it for a cost of 2 energy. Once you are there, you will see a very crowded play area like the one below, where you will have to find the indicated objects:

If you have played a hidden object game before, you will have no trouble getting through this scene. Basically, the objects that you have to find are on the right sidebar and you have to strive to find them in the image to the left. Have in mind that you get combo bonuses for finding more in a row, so a good strategy could be that of spending some time first finding more objects, and only afterwards clicking them all!

After you complete a hidden object scene, you will receive a bunch of random items that can be placed in your estate’s yard and then sold for some extra cash. Here is how your estate looks like:

Clicking the My Stuff icon reveals all the items that you currently have in your inventory:

As you can see, some of them are on a brown background. These are collection items and should be kept because completing collection is a requirement for getting some premium items and also for completing missions. All the other items should be placed in your yard and sold for profit, so that you can have more money and spend them on improving your estate.

Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures Tips

1. Follow the quest lines. They get you through the story and they also offer you rewards that are always welcome.
2. Play in full screen. This is vital as otherwise the game can become really frustrating!
3. Don’t start clicking the items as soon as you spot them. Try to find as many as possible from a list and click them in a row to get the bonuses!
4. Try to play all the energy you have on a single scene. This way you will remember the placement of the objects and get greater and greater combos. Get the scene to maximum number of stars and forget about it!
5. Don’t keep the non-collection items in your inventory as you risk running out of storage space. Instead, place them in your yard and sell them (usually you can sell them at the base price + 50%)
6. Use the free hint in a hidden object scene immediately after clicking all the items that you were able to spot – this way you keep the combos going and while you search for the next item, the meter fills again with a free hint.
7. Be very patient. Energy is something that you will always find lacking in Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures, so sit back, relax and prepare for a long wait!

What other strategies and tips do you have for Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures players?