There’s a brand new type of spice in ChefVille, and its name is Rapid Rosemary and it will probably become your new best friend in the game. But all this after you complete the Rapid Rosemary missions in ChefVille – and I am here to help you with that by sharing the requirements and rewards for each of the four new missions in the game.

Make Room for Dishes
Place the Rapid Rosemary Crates
Complete Rapid Rosemary Crates
Tend the Rapid Rosemary Crates 1 time
Rewards: 2 Asparagus, 5 XP and 15 Coins

Crusts are In Right Now
Get 8 Herb Baskets from friends
Serve 4 Calzones from the Brick Oven
Use 1 Rapid Rosemary
Rewards: 2 Eggs, 10 XP and 15 Coins

Salad Days
Cook 8 times with Salt
Craft Ranch Dressing 5 times
Cook 7 Caprese Salads on the Salad Station
Rewards: 1 one-hour Thyme, 10 XP and 15 Coins

Flavor Facade
Cook 3 Meatball Sandwiches on the Grill
Complete 5 neighbor visits
Give 15 Chef’s Services (Note: Click on any customer that has a thought bubble over their head to provide Chef Service)
Rewards: 1 Pasta Maker, 10XP and 15 Coins

And these are the ChefVille Rapid Rosemary missions! I hope you have a great time completing them and putting to great use the new spice. But remember that you only have 8 days to complete these missions, so make sure you don’t get lazy here!