Xbox OneMicrosoft’s Xbox One won’t launch in the rest of the 8 regions that the company initially delayed supply for until well into the third quarter of 2014. “Trusted Sources” told Game Reactor the news, which does hold credibility since it was the first site to break the news that the Xbox One’s launch regions were slimmed down to only thirteen instead of twenty-one.

The console should already be available in Russia, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark, but instead these regions suffered from the delay due to Microsoft’s obvious lack of supply for the overbearing demand.

Microsoft did respond to a Gamespot request in which the company stated, “On Nov. 22, we launched Xbox One in 13 markets worldwide and our focus is on launching in more markets next year. Other than that, we have no further comment.” 

Consumers will have to wait almost year for the console to arrive after its initial November 2013 debut. However, people do have the option to import a console as it isn’t region locked.

Currently the Xbox One has sold 1.6 million units globally, while Sony’s PS4 eclipsed that number with 2.1 million units sold. Both systems remain relatively sold out going into the holidays.