After the PS4 release we took a look at the best PlayStation 4 exclusive game to look forward to. But what lies in the future of the Xbox One? What games do we need to keep our eyes at? Let’s find out – here are the top 5 Xbox One exclusives to look forward to and probably the number one pick here won’t be the one you’d be expecting. So let’s check them out!

5 – Halo 5

There will be a Halo game for the Xbox One – and while not much is known about it right now – I am eagerly awaiting some news about it. Halo 4 came out amazing, just imagine what the extra power in the Xbox One could do with the franchise. More awesome weapons, more awesome action – more awesome everything really.

4 – Quantum Break

Quantum Break really caught my eyes at this years E3. Not because of the “real actor sections” or the tv-series – but because of the main plot. It is about time traveling. I love time traveling, it is probably one of my favorite plot devices. Here’s hoping that we get some more info about the gameplay soon.

3 – Sunset Overdrive

Mutants, running over roof tops and goofy graphics. Need I say more? Sunset Overdrive looks funny, as well as entertaining. I imagine a Left4Dead with a more open world and humor. Let’s just hope that the gameplay action is as good as the trailer.

2 – Fable: Legends

Fable: Legends is a 4 player co-op rpg – with a twist. A fifth player is the bad guy, and will be able to make traps, spawn monsters – in an attempt to stop the heroes from topple his evil reign. All this in the visual glory of the Fable universe. I must say that I love this idea. It sounds like a really fun gameplay mechanic, and I really hope that the devs pulls it off.

1 – D4

You play as a private investigator. His wife has been murdered, and you have to solve the mystery. How? You travel through time. D4 is a game that is played with the Kinect, by using simple gestures. The game is directed by Hidetake Suehiro (Sweary65), and it looks really nice so far. The cel-shaded graphics seems like a good fit, since it adds a bit of feel to the mystery of the game.

What are your thoughts about this list? Which top 5 Xbox One exclusives do you look forward to?