The PlayStation 4 has been released in North America, and in a couple of weeks the rest of the world will follow. While the console itself looks pretty sweet, there is one deciding factor that can make or break it – the games. It is time to take a look at the Top 5 PS4 exclusives to keep a watchful eye on!

5: Shadow of the Beast

I have not played the original Shadow of the Beast, but I just can’t help feeling excitement over this title. I love the design of the beasts, and I guess I am imagining an action game of “God of War proportions.” In the original game you apparently played as a man named Aarbron who was turned to a beast during a ritual as a child. When he sees a another man getting hanged he, gets back his memories and vows revenge against the beast lord Maletoth. Hopefully this cool plot gets included in the re-imagining of this game.

4: The Order: 1886

02 the order

Gritty old London with something that looks like werewolves. Call me excited! When I first saw the trailer of The Order back at E3, it made me instantly curious. The dark tense art-style really captivated me, and made me fantasize about what the gameplay would be like once the game is released. So what do we know about it? You play as a member of an order of knights, that fight a war against other humans that with Bestial traits (again werewolves comes to mind.) It is also labeled as an action-adventure game. That sounds like a pretty healthy combination.

3: Rime

03 rime

Judging from the trailer, Rime looks like a crossover between The Legend of Zelda and ICO. The cel-shaded expansive environments makes me shudder of anticipation. I just wish we knew a tiny bit more about it. The trailer does a pretty good job speaking for itself however. An adventure game with ruins and nice stylish graphics usually is a very good combination.

2: Lily Bergamo

04 lily bergamo

Suda 51 is at it once again, this time his studio (Grasshopper Manufacture) will cooperate with GungHo. Since I am a huge fan of his crazy ideas, I cant help but look forward to Lily Bergamo. An action game from Suda that seems to be set in – or have something to do with ancient Japan. Can’t go wrong right?

1: Infamous: Second Son

05 infamous

I am a big fan of the Infamous series. Both the first and the second games are both two of my favorite “super hero” games ever. Infamous: Second Son is currently stated for release on March 21, and it looks incredible. It is the first game I looked at this year and thought: “this is the next-generation”. A huge open world, fantastic action scenes and cool super powers– accompanied by fantastic graphics. This game surely looks like a must have.

What do you think about this list? Which are your top 5 PS4 games to look forward to?


  1. Not married to either system, so I’m keeping an open mind. I had an XBOX 360 and PS3 and ended up dumping the PS3 in favor of the XBOX.. but I’m waiting to see which next gen console has better games for it.

    Anyways, I think of the games you listed, only The Order sounds really interesting to me… I don’t know anything about Rime, but that actually looks cool too and maybe my kind of game. The other 3 don’t really interest me though.

  2. I also am not hooked to one, cuz I just owned a wii! thought about moving to the mainstream consoles, and thus am comparing the core games for both. Forza seems to attach one, and while driveclub competes, it doesn’t offer enough cars to captivate. Titanfall is a great FPS, but The Order is undoubtedly cool…


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