store_GameStop (1)Giant videogame retailer Gamestop will hold Xbox One pre-launch events starting tomorrow, November 17 at all U.S stores. Consumers can trade software, hardware, and accessories for a 90% extra trade-in credit towards an Xbox One. The system has to be pre-ordered.

Gamestop hosted the same type of events for the now released Playstation 4. Following the early pre-launch events the retailer will be ready to have its stores open starting 12:01 a.m local time on November 22 to start selling Microsoft’s next-gen console.

Microsoft are also hosting their very own, albeit unique, launch events as well. Currently, the North American giant has an Xbox One set in a shark tank surrounded by 20 tiger sand sharks in new Zealand. The festivities will continue throughout the world, making its way onto New York City and Los Angeles.

Several analysts have predicted that both the PS4 and Xbox are set to sell over 6 million units combined by the end of March 2014. There were a little over 1 million PS4 pre-orders before the console officially released on the 15th. The Xbox One is outselling the Xbox 360 in pre-order numbers 2-1.

This makes for one of the most highly anticipated and successful console launches in recent memory.