Only a little more than a month untill the Xbox One is released in several countries all around the world. Microsoft is doing their best to keep their new console as a hot topic and because of this they released a new article and a video to show of one of the new feature.

The video that you can view below focuses on the new Friends app on the Xbox One. It will be your main hub when it comes to your own friends list as well as other people that you may be following. The Follower feature is probably the biggest new addition for the Xbox One. While you still have your regular friends list as you already do on the Xbox 360 you can also follow people.

Similar to Twitter you can look someone up on Xbox Live and start following this person. Now you can always look him or her up on your Friends app to have an overview of what they are playing, their achievements and even their uploaded video clips.

The video also shows off the dynamic hub where you always see what your friends are doing right now. It will update with the latest games or apps they started. It also gives a first look on how your Favorites will work. Anybody on your friends list can be marked as a favorite. They will be on their own tab so you can always see what your best buddies are doing on their Xbox One right now.

You can also find more information right here on Major Nelson’s blog!