This week’s Wii Shop Channel releases seem to be better than what we were offered in the past few weeks simply because there is one huge, funny and beloved character joining the Virtual Console listings: Earthworm Jim! Also, we’ll get a mix of strategy and role playing from Shining Force II, another Mega Drive classic. But, we have some bad news, too: no WiiWare game is being released this week.

Back to Earthworm Jim – the gaming hero turned into a classic on the Sega Mega Drive in the 90s and I am sure there are still lots of people who fondly remember the intelligent worm. Now people all ages are allowed to re-play this great classic once again: you’ll have to run, gun, swing on hooks by your head and launch cows at the enemies, all hilarious to the bone (like Bob the Killer Goldfish or Major Mucus). And all these for 800 Wii Points, the regular price.

The second game we’re being offered this week is Shining Force II, a strategy role-playing title you probably enjoyed on Mega Drive. The story in this game is pretty nice: by stealing some jewels, a thief resurrects the Devil King, Zeon and the kingdom’s existence is under threat. You’ll take the role of young swordsman Bowie and start your epic quest to restore peace to the kingdom and send the Devil King back to his world. Shining Force II can also be purchased for 800 Wii Points.

And now, seeing how cool these titles are, I just wonder if anybody is going to miss the… ahem… missing WiiWare game.