Speaking yesterday with RPGsite, Final Fantasy FFXIV director Naoki Yoshida stated that multiplayer policies are the biggest reason that Microsoft consoles won’t be getting FFXIV.

Microsoft will not allow crossplay between different platforms, something that the PS3 has been more open to in recent years, with games such as Portal 2 able to be played with a PC and PS3 account. This is a move that will be repeated in the PS4, with FFXIV using a single server for PC, PS3 and PS4 copies of the game.

This ease of access across platforms is something that seems to appeal greatly to Yoshida. He’ll be holding off on an Xbox 360 or Xbox One version  of the game because

I don’t want the community to be divided; to be split into two or more. For example, one player might be on the PC version, another might be on the PS4 version, and I’m playing the Xbox version – but we’re not able to join the same game servers. That is just… I just don’t like the idea. I disagree with it. 

Yoshida goes on to note that

 There are now so many mobile devices, smart phones, everything — why would you ever just stick to one platform from the hardware aspect? Just — make it open to everyone? That’s my opinion.

This isn’t the first time that Microsoft has lost games due to their closed policies, with many indie developers moving to the PS4 because of its more welcoming environment.

Unigamesity has reached out to Microsoft for comment on this matter.

[Source: RPGSite via IGN]