Valve have announced that Dota 2, their contribution to the “MOBA” genre and the sequel to the WC3 mod of the same game, is finally out. This marks the end of a beta phase that has spanned two years, stretching from the latter part of 2011 to today.

Unfortunately the game isn’t quite in a “download whenever you want” stage yet, as Valve is aware that the original game is hugely popular among many countries. To ensure that their servers stay relatively stable, users will have to join a queue to download the game. However Valve are now focused on rolling out Dota 2 to as many players as possible, and so people will be able to play the game as soon as the infrastructure allows for it.

The “MOBA” genre is known for being very unforgiving towards newer players, and so to ease in the waves of newbies that will arrive with this release, Valve have been working on tutorial systems. These systems launched last week, and the company is hopeful that they’ll prevent Dota 2 from being quite so hostile to new people.

If you’re interested in trying out the game, head over to the official site to grab a space in the queue. Alternatively, if you’d like to play Dota without waiting, you can get the original WC3 mod from Getdota.