A new escape the room game has been released on the iPhone, White Room and it’s a pretty short and cute escape the room game. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it’s not difficult, and I am here to share with you a complete walkthrough to it. So let’s check out below the White Room walkthrough for the iPhone app to see how to quickly beat the game!

1. Get the balloon from the top right side of the shelves. Then, zoom in to the code area under the table and get a needle from the top right side (you can barely see it, but it’s there).
2. Use the needle with the balloon and combine it with the handle that you’ll get to make a screwdriver.
3. Go tot the area with the socket and zoom in to the one to the right. use the screwdriver to get the two screws then tap the middle to get white circle.
4. Go back to the table and get a white marker thing from the top side of the table.
5. Go back to the shelves and zoom in to the white box. Use the screwdriver with the screws under it and tap the box to get a long bar. Use it with the long sphere at the top shelf to get it.
6. Zoom in to the sphere and use the white marker it to attach it to it. Go to the sockets and place that inside the right hole of the left socket.
7. Go back to the table: now you can see the code, which is 5248.
8. Use that code under the table and get the coin-like item from there. Click on it and tap it and add the white circle that you already have.
9. Go back to the sockets and put the coin where you placed the handle. Take the key from there.
10. Zoom in to the right circles next to the socket and place the black circle in the middle.

And this is where I got stuck. I will make sure to return with the full walkthrough for White Room as soon as I have it!