Twitch was the most popular streaming website for quite some time now. According to sources familiar with the pact, Youtube has considered  to buy it for more than $1 billion. If the rumors are true, should we be excited or worried about it?

Twitch has always been a place where you can stream every game you want while broadcasting your favorite music. Twitch has a lot of flaws (stream quality issues, site navigation, poorly thought out sharing system, etc.) and such big amount money can make the end user experience much better.

We may finally enjoy streams without any lag or delays .

Also, remember what Google did to help YouTube become what it is today? They invested a lot of money into it, while letting YouTube go in the direction they wanted to go.

Unfortunately, Google has made a lot of bizarre choices in the last few years, for example, the forced Google+ integration, weird design changes and the new copyright policy. People are sincerely afraid of Twitch being ‘’eaten by the copyright monster’’, as Francis  puts it.