You may have heard the exciting news that Xbox games with gold is coming to the Xbox One. So, it’s time to put away your wallet and relax knowing there are some great games coming straight to you for the low, low price of free. Here’s the breakdown of the games that are going to be free to gold subscribers on the Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

For Xbox 360:
This month it’s Saint Row the Third, or simply Saints Row 3. Available until the 31st of May.

Starting on June 1st you will have until June 15th to get your free copy of Dark Souls. A must if you haven’t played the game, or any game in the Dark Souls franchise.

From June 16th to the end of the month the indie game Charlie Murder will be available. A niche little game that you’ll love if you loved games like Scott Pilgrim, or Castle Crashers.

And to celebrate the one year anniversary of games with gold, the bonus title Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition will be available in June as well.

For Xbox One:
The two games Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, and Spartan: Total Assault, will be available during June. But don’t forget, for Xbox One downloads you need to keep that Gold subscription.

Excited for any of these releases?

Keep your eyes on Unigamesity for more updates. We’ll get new games to you the moment they’re announced.