farmville-genericpicUPDATE: I’ve posted the new article filled with information – Everything you need to know about FarmVille Collections

There’s an upcoming update coming to FarmVille that’s going to bring in Collectables – collectible items that we will have to “find” somehow on our virtual farms. The details at the moment are, as you can imagine, very scarce since the update didn’t actually occur. However, the simple idea of having FarmVille items in collections and tons of collectibles (or collectables as they are referred to by Zynga) is amazing!

How do I know about the FarmVille Collections/Collectibles? Well, I’ve seen with my own eyes the notice board saying:

“New in FarmVille! Now you can find rare, themed collectables. Can you find all the collectables in each set?”

Unfortunately, that’s all we know so far and lots of questions like what are the FarmVille collectables, how to get them and how to use them remain unanswered. However, I’m keeping my eyes on the game and as soon as the update occurs, I’ll make sure to post all the details – as well as a link here to the new article.

UPDATE: I’ve posted the new article filled with information – Everything you need to know about FarmVille Collections


  1. there are a few changes i would make to farmville if i had my own way. i think that famville cash should be easier to get your hands on than buying it with real money ; as my mom is a tight ass and wuld never let me get any and secondl, at level 38, getting 1 per level is a bit tight as its 10,000xp per level and every thing is so expensive…for example…builds 56fvc or 45 fvc.
    another thing i would change would be the way that you delete things and harvest things such as animals and trees,You should be able to drag over certain things and harvest them all at one, and make it a new veichle like a “tree picker” and a “milk maid” so that you dont have to waste time harvesting and collecting form trees and animals for ages!!!

  2. I agree with Susan. You should be able to give stuff from your farm to your friends.

    Also, FV cash should definitely be easier to get and there should be another super crop like the Haiti white corn. I jumped like 5 levels in 4 days with that crop and now it’s expired.


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