collectablesYesterday I told you about the new FarmVille feature – the introduction of collections and collectable (collectible) items. Today I will post all the information you need to know about the Collections and collectables, including how to get them, what are they and much more! Prepare for a multi-layered guide that will be updated constantly!

What are the FarmVille collections?
These are set of collectible items – special items that can be found while performing various tasks in FarmVille, all of them being themed (like bugs, feathers, etc)

Where do you find collectible items for your collections?
You get the collectables while plowing, harvesting, fertilizing neighbor crops and even while sending gifts! It’s a random event, so the best thing you can do to increase chances of finding the items is to be as active as possible!

How do you get the collectables in FarmVille?
You can either receive them as gifts from your friends (a very slow process) or be very active, plow, harvest, fertilize neighbor crops and have more chances of finding random items. Have in mine that the uncommon and rare items are harder to find!

What are the rewards for completing a FarmVille collection?
When you have a complete collection of collectibles, you can trade that collection for the following rewards: 250XP, 5,000 coins or 5 Tanks of Fuel.

You will able to hold a maximum of 10 of each collectible item, and can Trade In collections as many times as you have a full collection available (the number of each item in a set decreases by one each time the collection is traded in).

Following the reward, you’re able post a feed alerting your neighbors of your achievement. Any friend that clicks on this feed within 24 hours will receive a random collectible from the same set that was completed.

Also, you can gift collectables on a per day basis using the Free Gifts feature – the item we can send to our friends will change every couple of days.

Which collections can you complete at the moment?
For now, there are four collections we can complete (but probably more are coming). Below is a list and in future posts I’ll write a bit more about each one:

Gardening Tools Collection (Gloves, Trowel, Cultivator, Twine, Pruning saw, Shears)
Country Kitsch Collection (Needlepoint, Spigot, Pocketwatch, Salt Shaker, Thimble, Cow Bell)
Bugs Collection (Ladybug, Dragonfly, Caterpillar, Stick Bug, Bettle, Centipede)
Feather Collection (Green Plume, Hen Feather, Dapple Plume, Red Feather, Banded Quill, Blue Feather)
If you have further questions regarding the FarmVille collections/collectibles, please ask them and I will do my best to share them. Also, please share this article with your friends by using the links below, re-tweet it and share it on facebook or digg to help as many people know about this amazing new FarmVille feature!


  1. Are we supposed to find or see these items and click on them or do they just go to our collection site and we just check to see how it is going? I assume that we will not see them, because I have received some without my knowledge how they got there.
    I understand that the only way you can send them as a gift, is if they are on the available gift page. Right now the only one that can be sent is the needle point. Is that correct?
    Thanks for your help

    • maybe you now know where or how to find more…. but, even so, i’ll try help you… just get the hints from anything u dont still have… the hints are everithing you need… by my experience (im only level 23, loool) i will tell you that:
      Hint meaning
      “your friends fertilize their crops
      won’t notice…”

      “requires help need gift from them
      from friends”

      “look up” harvest trees

      “get a little dirty” plow

      “do cows need cowbell” “harvest” cows

      “cluck” get eggs from chikens (not sure)

      “this twuine is…..” harvest sheeps
      i dont know more… if i miss something, plz tell… good game ;D

    • awwn.. the comment isn’t show as i expected..
      *** hint/meaning
      **** “your friends wont notice….” (fertilize their crops”
      ***** “requires help from friends” (u need to get it has a gift from them

  2. @moorgy: did you check your collections-tab?

    @Farmer: only 4 items are giftable (dragonfly, needle point, gloves and green plume). to receive the others you have to work on your farm (plowing, harvesting (fields, trees, animals), seeding) as well as on your neighbours’ farms (fertilizing, feeding)

    meanwhile I can find different items in my collections I never received a notification for (like: salt shaker, ladybug, caterpillar and cultivator)

  3. sorry, I forgot something…

    @Liz Naranjo: there is only one collectible item per day in the gift selection. 2 days ago it was dragonfly, yesterday needle point, today it is green plume. so tomorrow it will probably be gloves.

  4. Hi…I saw that you need turkeys for a certain feather….sold my turkeys….how do we get that feather if there are no turkeys? Thanks!

  5. When harvesting, plowing, and seeding you have a chance of getting any of the collectibles. When you recieve a collectible you will get a notification down at the bottom above your neighbors (You have recieved “blank” 2/6, etc.) Then to view your collection go to ribbons, move ur crusor onto Collection. There you will see everything you have. You may have x10 of a item (10 gloves, 10 shears, for example) Once you have everything of the collection you can press “Trade In” (Note: It may say that you completed upon putting it in the collection) You will get 5,000 coins and 250xp as the article says above, there is a change that you get 5 fuel (within the gift that goes in your gift box) Everything else you need to know about after this is in the article at the top of this page.

    Note: You may get peices of your collection on the gift page from your friends. Keep in mind that you MUST go to your gift box to add it to your collection.
    Hope this answered all your questions. Happy Hunting!

  6. my friend telling me that i should have 10pcs of 4giftable items (dragonfly, needle point, gloves and green plume), so I’ll able to complete every set of collection. example: i should have 10needle points to complete The Country Kitsch Collection, 10 dragonfly to complete bugs collection, etc. Is that true, cause she’s mocking me that i didn’t know about this :(( please tell me. thanks

  7. When you already have the maximum number of collectibles for an item, and the extras are in your gift box, what shoud you do with them?

  8. Article is slightly incorrect. Redeeming a collection doesn’t allow you to choose between 250XP, 5,000 coins or 5 fuels – you get all three.

  9. Molim va kako da uopće dobijem značku za cunning collector i kako da objavim susjedima kolekcije koje su mi pune?hvala

  10. I’ve heard if you don’t click OK when you get a collectable but either hit the back button or home instead, more people can collect. Is this true?

  11. i do not think it is true Karen. i have read at a few websites 10 people can receive a collectible, 5 people can receive an egg or other item, like when you find a feather, or baby animal. I have been having debates about it.. I tried it, and out of the 11 people i posted the collection to, 8 have received collectibles so far, and i told them all to hit ok… so even if they all didnt… i know atleast 3 did, so i pretty much think that makes it untrue… try it yourself, its the easiest way. I do however, have an email in to zynga to hopefully settle the debate

  12. i am clicking on other peoples collectible rewards and it tells me “you cant receive a collectible for your own reward”
    its not mine, its someone elses!

  13. cjm85, are you that persons farmville neighbor? do you have more then one tab(window) open, that is all i can think of. I did receive an email from zynga, here is what they said..

    Thanks for contacting Zynga.

    Thanks for writing in with your question, Sarah! Let me clarify this for you.

    First off, clicking “OK” changes nothing. There are a preset number of bonuses available to share with your friends and neighbors. This number changes and is not the same every time. Hopefully, this information ends the Strife you were talking about. If you have any questions or issues in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly by replying to this e-mail!

    Thanks for your dedication to FarmVille, Sarah, and have a great day!

    Kind regards,
    Katherine E
    Zynga Customer Support”

  14. It appears that today, only 5 people can receive a collectible when posted by a friend. Is this a glitch? Or has this been changed today from 10 to 5?

  15. I clicked a while ago on a friends collectible of shears and today I clicked on a blue feather. But they don’t show up in my giftbox!

  16. Hi, Is it true that when you share a collection and someone click the ok buttom no one will be able to get the collection?

  17. Does limited but common collectibles like the needlepoint with the barn on it come back after its gone from the gifts?? Whatabout other limited items for sale like the coconut tree? Are they all on a rotation to come back?

  18. Everytime someone posts a collection and I click to get a reward, it is ALWAYS the first one in a set. Today I have received 3 gloves, 4 emperor butterflies, 1 needlepoint, and 2 ladybugs. Is this a new thing where we can only get the first item in each set?

  19. If I have completed a collection, have traded it in and I still have extra items in my gift box can I sell those or Start a new collection?


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