collectablesYesterday I told you about the new FarmVille feature – the introduction of collections and collectable (collectible) items. Today I will post all the information you need to know about the Collections and collectables, including how to get them, what are they and much more! Prepare for a multi-layered guide that will be updated constantly!

What are the FarmVille collections?
These are set of collectible items – special items that can be found while performing various tasks in FarmVille, all of them being themed (like bugs, feathers, etc)

Where do you find collectible items for your collections?
You get the collectables while plowing, harvesting, fertilizing neighbor crops and even while sending gifts! It’s a random event, so the best thing you can do to increase chances of finding the items is to be as active as possible!

How do you get the collectables in FarmVille?
You can either receive them as gifts from your friends (a very slow process) or be very active, plow, harvest, fertilize neighbor crops and have more chances of finding random items. Have in mine that the uncommon and rare items are harder to find!

What are the rewards for completing a FarmVille collection?
When you have a complete collection of collectibles, you can trade that collection for the following rewards: 250XP, 5,000 coins or 5 Tanks of Fuel.

You will able to hold a maximum of 10 of each collectible item, and can Trade In collections as many times as you have a full collection available (the number of each item in a set decreases by one each time the collection is traded in).

Following the reward, you’re able post a feed alerting your neighbors of your achievement. Any friend that clicks on this feed within 24 hours will receive a random collectible from the same set that was completed.

Also, you can gift collectables on a per day basis using the Free Gifts feature – the item we can send to our friends will change every couple of days.

Which collections can you complete at the moment?
For now, there are four collections we can complete (but probably more are coming). Below is a list and in future posts I’ll write a bit more about each one:

Gardening Tools Collection (Gloves, Trowel, Cultivator, Twine, Pruning saw, Shears)
Country Kitsch Collection (Needlepoint, Spigot, Pocketwatch, Salt Shaker, Thimble, Cow Bell)
Bugs Collection (Ladybug, Dragonfly, Caterpillar, Stick Bug, Bettle, Centipede)
Feather Collection (Green Plume, Hen Feather, Dapple Plume, Red Feather, Banded Quill, Blue Feather)
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