It might be possible that you don’t see any FarmVille updates on your live/news feed (or on your wall as this is known). You don’t have to worry though – you can still bring back the updates on your news feed without too much trouble and enjoy FarmVille as you should, taking all the goodies from your neighbors.

So, if you want to see FarmVille updates on your feed, here is what you have to do:

1. Log in to facebook and click “news feed” in the left sidebar, as shown in the image below:
2. Scroll down until you see the “Edit options” button. Click it as shown below:
3. On that list, scroll down until you find FarmVille and click the “Add to news feed” button.
There you go! Now you should have the FarmVille updates posting again on your feed.

However, if it somehow happens not to find the FarmVille item in the list, in the “show more” box type farmville and press enter. Select the game from the results and click save. Hope that helped you solve your FarmVille feed posting problems!

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  1. My mom & I are playing farmville.

    I have a bunch of neighbors, including my mom. All game feeds seem to come thru just fine on farmville & on my wall.

    I’m my mom’s only neighbor in farmville. Her game feed and facebook wall show only her game feeds, not mine. Her wall also shows non farmville posts like when I get a new friend. Thought maybe a privacy or security setting on her computer was blocking game feed from me so tried it on my computer which is working fine with feed from all of my farmville neighbors, but still no success at getting my feeds.

    Any ideas?


  2. Hi, thank you for this useful information, however, Facebook has a new format and it doesn’t show game feeds from my games especially Farmville. I hated the new Facebook format because of this.

    How do you show the Farmville game feed in the news feed?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Please help me get the info for farmville on my home page I was getting it until yesterday and I accidently hit the hide button and lost all my farmville feeds and a neighbor

  3. I am not getting Game Feed on farmville. I would like to know how to get that fixed. I get my e-mail via
    MSN. Is that my problem?

  4. i have no options button when i scroll down. When i ckikc new feed it just runs and there is nothibg to scroll down to click on option or anything else. Any ideas??

  5. I also need to know how to enable the Farmville Game Feed. I accidently hid it. I have no Options under News Feed. Can you help?

  6. I also need to know how to enable the Farmville Game Feed. I accidently hid it. I have no Options under News Feed. Can you help?

  7. The same problems here as the person above.. losing so many bonuses , collections and all the xtras Please help Thank You

  8. I used to have a FARMVILLE feed, a CafeWorld feed & my reg home feed – now I just have my home feed, & it posts everything & very slow. I have a lot of friends & I used to refresh & have new posts every 2 seconds or so. Now, I refresh & I’m lucky to see a new post every 10-30 sec.

  9. Farm ville loads up 90% and then starts giving problem for me.. I able to open store items or gift items.. i have tried in different systems and different browsers but still faced the same problem..

  10. Hi there!! THIS IS HOW TO FIX YOUR PROBLEM!! :) :D
    I had the same problem, and this is how I fixed it!! :)

    1) Click on Home so it takes you to the news feed.
    2) On the left hand side, click on friends(should be right above applications).
    3) Then 2 indented options under friend will appear, “Find Friends” and “Status Updates”. Click on
    “Status Updates”.
    4) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the blue link “Edit Options”. This will cause a pop
    up. I know this sounds like a lot of other fixes but trust me, it is different.
    5) At the top of the pop up, click on “Applications”.
    6) Finally scroll down to Farmville and click on the button next to it that says “Add to News Feed”.

    Then you are done.
    To test it you can have a friend post something to there wall (Such as they need help with the stable or Maison).

  11. Ref the fix above – I have a FV feed, but I used to have a Cafe World feed, a FV feed & a home feed. Now I just have a home feed. It has all my feed together & they post slowly. I want to get back to the 3 separate feeds!

  12. For all the people who can’t get their farmville feeds on their homepage or try this;
    #1 On your Facebook homepage AT THE TOP of your feed, Click “Top News”
    #2 On your Facebook homepage AT THE BOTTOM of your feed, Click “Edit Options”
    #3 Once you click that you will receive a Pop Up window, Select Applications first and then scroll to find Either FarmVille or Mafia Wars (or any other Applications you may have lost).
    #4 Click add to news feed.

    This worked for me and I tried every thing when I lost my feeds.
    Hope it helps you.


  13. 20.The Norwegian girl saves the day!

    Finally!! Thanks so much, you really did save the day for my Farmville!!
    This was the only solution that worked for me, and I am grateful!

  14. I currently do not have any posts in my game feed…..on my website www farm ville .com….I have been tried to follow the steps more than once but……
    The problem still exists……..please ….please …please help

  15. tried all of the above and nothing worked.
    the edit options box is empty and there are no tabs on the options box. It says:
    “The following streams are hidden from your News Feed. Click “Add to News Feed” to see their posts again.
    Where do I find the “Add to News Feed” button to click on it?
    Any help is appreciated.

  16. Problem same as above
    tried all of the above and nothing worked.
    the edit options box is empty and there are no tabs on the options box. It says:
    “The following streams are hidden from your News Feed. Click “Add to News Feed” to see their posts again.
    Where do I find the “Add to News Feed” button to click on it?
    Any help is appreciated.

  17. I used to get the newsfeed; but have not for the past week! I checked my edit options & it is correct. I als updated my flashplayer; but it is stillnot working. I only see two posts fm one neighbor & my most recent post. How can I fix this?

  18. hello

    Since last week I have been having problems with the news feed and all the neighbors have disappeared.

    Please help

  19. I only have one Game Feed on my farmville site for several weeks now and I have also lost neighbors again. This is frustrating.

  20. The fix of going to the Top News page, then edit options at the bottom/ applications/ is the right track, but if like in my case, your farmville is not listed there, try unblocking another Zynga application. I dont know why these would be linked ( other than from same maker) but it worked for me

  21. Does this fix fix it for the site feeds, or only for the facebook news feeds from farmville and other games?

    For me, it is the game feed on that is not working properly…

    facebook shows the feed just fine, but I prefer to see it on

  22. I am having problems finding game feed I have window internet explorer. Today I couldn’t get any of the thins like hatch an egg or any of the animals to come to my farm. What can I do for this and can you fix this?

  23. I also lost the game feeds below the game.

    But when I access the game via the installed gamebar, the game feed is suddenly there! Maybe this also works for some of you guys?

  24. Click on friends, click more, click on farmville, click add news feed and your DONE!
    If you click on friends again it will give you posts from your frieds that use farmville.
    I should of been a computer programmer, more $ !!!! LOL

  25. I managed to place all my FV neighbors into a list, and can bring up the feed from that list. However, I still don’t see their FV posts….!!! Everything else, but no FV.

  26. I can’t see any FarmVille posts on my news feed either and I have tried every suggestion I can find. The past couple days I won’t see any FV posts but after a few refreshes they would suddenly show up. Today even that isn’t working. I don’t have FV hidden or anything like that either.
    I have tons of friends and I usually have to scroll down and hit show more 5 or 6 times just to see posts from a few hours ago, now just clicking show more shows posts from 2 or 3 days ago, like it’s only showing a few status updates here and there and nothing else.

    • I have been trying all day with no results and literally seconds after posting this, all the FV posts from the past 10 hours suddenly showed up at once.

      It’s happened before so I am sure they will go away again. Anyone else having an issue like this?

    • I tried all the fixes here and nothing worked. When someone suggested I unblock a Zynga application that I had blocked, I unblocked Cafe World and Mafia Wars to see if that would fix it but it didn’t. Then I went ahead and unblocked every other spammy game and application I had blocked and voila, my farmville and treasure isle newsfeeds are back. Iono what’s going on and I wish I didn’t have to go to the trouble of having to now block all those other spammy applications individually, but at least the feeds are back :/

    • for those of you who have pulled your hair out over the missing news feeds from farmville option.. this will work if you have played the game and are missing your news feeds from other people in farmville.. if you select your own profile you will see farmville posts.. but no feeds on the homepage..

      the solution is simple:

      1) go to farmville via a search in facebook: block the application
      2) go to your facebook privacy settings and select block list – unblock farmville
      3) go to your facebook profile page and select the title (((important select the title, not the options below))) of a farmville post that you have, it will then ask you if you would like this application to pull information from your profile – select yes..

      now when you go back to your homepage, the news feed will be restored

      i sat and pondered this issue for over 3 hours when i should have been sleeping..

  27. I started blocking the applications I had unblocked and now my farmville and treasure isle newsfeeds are gone again and they didn’t come back when I unblocking Yoville and Cafe World again. FUDGE!!!!!!!!

    Has anyone found a fix?! Please post if you have.

  28. The outage is intermittent and I too unblocked every last thing I had blocked. Seems to be a communication error between Facebook and the game servers. Hopefully they get it sorted soon.

  29. Same here, and Zynga has no answers for me. one day it was there and ‘bam’ the next day it had disappeared and nothing I do makes any difference. I’m about ready to pull my hair out :S

  30. Unbelievable how this has just stopped working . I have tried everything if I go to games tab it worksd but wont show on my news feed. Any help

  31. I lost my game feed 3 ago,I’ve followed the direcions to no avail. The edit button tells me streams have been hidden. How do I retrieve them for my game feed for farmville on zynga?

  32. Finally fixed it. I tried everything
    I went and installed fronterville then went to my appication settings and hit the x to delete the profile did the same with farmville.
    re logged into fronterville and all is fine then went into farmvile it reasked to allow publishing to my wall I said yes and it now work :)

  33. Hey Kathy….I hate to tell you this but YOU FELL FOR 2 SCAMS!!!!!!!!! These are not Zynga promotions, they are scammers trying to get your info and your friends info.

  34. @david hamilton-grey; I’ve tried what you suggested, and all the other tricks people posted to get farmville back on my news feed (bottom of your home page and click “edit options”), but none of it works.

    Does anyone know any other way to fix this?

  35. i have no game feeds at all, i have nothing hidden or blocked. i’ve tried removing & re-adding the games but nothing works, it appears that the option ‘add to news feed’ is missing from all of my games, not sure how to fix it, i’ve sent email to facebook but don’t hold out much hope.

    If anyone on here can assist i would be very greatfull


  37. Here is how i fixed mine: I went to under Groups (on the left of your front page) and clicked on Create Group. Then I created a group named Farmville and added all my friends who play into that group. Now I can click on that group and their feeds show up! Good luck!


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