cafe-world-expansionIt’s been a while since the latest Cafe World expansion was made available, so today Zynga decided to offer us a new expansion: the Extravagant Cafe Expansion, one new size for the top players since it has a pretty spicy price. Read on to find out everything about the Cafe World Extravagant Cafe expansion!

So… what do you need to get the Extravagant Cafe expansion for your cafe? First of all, you need to have bought all the previous expansions (including the bountiful cafe). Then, you need to have at least 12 neighbors and 999,999 coins available. That’s right! The new expansion costs almost one million Cafe Coins! Alternately, you can purchase it for the price of 35 Cafe Cash.

After purchasing the Extravagant Cafe in the game, the new size of the cafe will be: 14×16, which means that there’s enough space for the new decorations. And I am sure it’s an update most of the gamers were already expecting, especially with all the new decorations released!

Let’s just hope that the Extravagant Cafe expansion doesn’t trigger any unwanted problems within the game – last time a Cafe World expansion was released, there were quite some problems. So comment below and let us know how you feel about the new cafe expansion and if you encounter any problems!