Unless you want to make sure that you’re really armed to the teeth if a zombie apocalypse comes, you’ll want to escape the Weapon Room – in the latest escape the room game from Gazzyboy who challenges us with a brand new title, Weapon Room Escape. A walkthrough is most likely needed to complete this title and that’s exactly why I am here – to share with you the details on how to complete this game using the guide below.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the Weapon Room Escape walkthrough below!

– Zoom onto the map. Click on it and it flips up and a ‘bomb detector’ is just under the left bottom corner. Take it.

– Zoom in on the bag hanging on the wall. Click on it a few times and a “lighter” shows under the right side of it. Take it
– Zoom in on the scary body armour on the wall. There is a gear (BEARING) right in the middle of it’s chest. Take it
– Being pixel perfect, place the point of the cursor as though you were going directly under the middle of the podium on which the orange pillar stands. There is a knife right under the podium. Take it

– Zoom in on the wings emblem on the right side of the wall. There is a key in the middle of it. Take it
– Zoom in on the batons crossed on the left side of the wall. Again, be pixel perfect. There is chalk on the tip of the handle on the right side. Take it
– Zoom in on the box on the table. Place the gear in the middle slot where one is missing and push the button directly up and left of the gears. A compartment will open and reveal some dynamite. Take it
– Click the right front leg of the table. It will zoom into a view of the floor. Take the ‘bomb detector’ and sweep it over the tiles that are second from the right. The light on the bomb detector should light up. That is where you place your dynamite. Use the lighter to make it go boom and there is a “steering wheel’ where the bomb exploded. Take it

– Place the pointer in line with where the glass and the wood meet on the right and click the bottom of the showcase. Use the knife and take the gun
– Open the gun and put the chalk in the barrel of the gun and get a ‘crayon’

– Zoom in on the boots on the floor on the left side. Put the ‘crayons’ on the boot heel (in line with the middle of the heel but a little to the left). A line is drawn (dunno why). Take the knife and place it a half a pixel above the line at the top of the boot heel. It cuts open to reveal ‘plaster of Paris’

-Zoom in on cupboard and use the key. Take the torch.

– Zoom in on the top of the pillar. Place the steering wheel on the top point. A door opens

– Drag the flashlight into the middle of the screen and it lights the whole place up
– Zoom in on the sandbags. On the right side there is a darker mustard color sandbag at the top. Place the knife directly under that sandbag. It will cut out a ‘hand’
– Being careful not to just go back out, click on the top left corner of the wooden box on the near left side of the floor. Place the ‘hand’ in the box. Place the plaster of Paris onto the hand. You don’t have to take it.

– Zoom in on the light on the ceiling. Place the ‘hand palm mould’ onto the light – and you are out!

Congrats on completing Weapon Room Escape and all the cheers goes to RSA Momma Cyndi on escapegames24.