With Watch Dogs launched, I am sure you can’t wait to check out a complete playthrough of the game that will serve as a Watch Dogs walkthrough, a guide for all the stages of the game, or a movie that will help you decide if it’s worth purchasing. Either way, we’re here with the complete Watch Dogs walkthrough / playthrough for you and we really hope that you enjoy it!

Sit back, relax, and prepare for a really long ride together with Watch Dogs! And if you want more focused guides, check out our Hacking Tips and How to Escape the Police guide.

Watch Dogs Walkthrough Mission 1: Bottom of the Eighth

Watch Dogs Walkthrough Mission 2: Big Brother

Watch Dogs Walkthrough Missions 3 & 4

Watch Dogs Walkthrough Missions 5 & 6

Watch Dogs Walkthrough Missions 7 & 8

Watch Dogs Walkthrough Missions 9 & 10

And this is it! We’ve completed the first Act in Watch Dogs, but there’s a lot more left to play, so stick with us as we’ll post more walkthrough videos soon!