The upcoming action-stealth game, Watch Dogs, received a new trailed today. Ubisoft promised to demystify an enigmatic picture revealed earlier, where the protagonist, Aiden Pearce, and an unknown man were seen together. This E3 ‘Exposed’ trailer contains a huge amount of information about the gameplay mechanisms and Aiden’s personal story. In this new version of Chicago, no one is anonymous and secrets usually have a short duration, as Ubisoft stated:

Who you know, what you’ve done, where you’ve been… As Aiden Pearce monitors your digital trail, your secrets won’t stay secret long.

Understanding the ‘Exposed’ Trailer 

Once again, it’s extremely visible how the city is filled with technology, it’s simply everywhere, which means a professional hacker like Aiden can easily access all the technological devices around him, using them to server his purpose. It’s questionable how can he hack everything using just his cellphone but that’s another matter to discuss. What’s for sure is that he’s able to extract information and manipulate devices quickly and easily: “Give me five seconds and a clear signal. I’ll get in and you’ll never know.”

Chicago’s utopia is clearly evident in this trailer. The verb ‘exposed’ is an excellent choice to classify not just this video but the plot itself too – everyone is indeed exposed. The criminals are exposed by Aiden Pearce and his hacking powers to penetrate the surveillance system and Aiden is also exposed to the law forces through the million cameras installed in every corner of the city. Human traffic seems to be one, if not the main criminal network in this upcoming version of Chicago and Watch dogs’ protagonist is going to hunt it down. In this video, Joshua Kremer is the principal target, he is being monitored by Aiden Pearce but he doesn’t know, until it’s too late. Evidence that Aiden is connected to this network somehow is given out through his speech, perhaps a female he once cared for was abducted and sold by this human traffic network? Revenge seems the only way to rewrite the past:

I’ve made mistakes, hurt people I love, only because of men like you. Do you think you’re untouchable? I’m here to shatter your illusions. I’ll make you understand that you’ll never be free again.

Freedom seems only reachable to those who find themselves above the law, criminal networks included. But Aiden is determined to punish the neo-oppressors and restore some balance.