So, you got locked into the vault and you have no idea how to get out? Don’t worry anymore as I have for you a complete Vault Escape solution, a step by step guide that will teach you what to do in order to beat the game and escape the room. Just check out the complete Vault Escape walkthrough below and have fun!

– Zoom on the table, read 20-60.
– Zoom out. There are 6 vaults to the left and 6 to the right. 5 of them are grey, 2 yellow, 2 green, 1 red, 1 blue and 1 orange. Use the clue from the table to open the grey vaults like this:
– Zoom on a grey vault. Zoom once more on the number wheel in the upper right corner. Drag the inner circle of numbers so that 20 points up. Drag the outher circle of numbers so that 60 points up. Zoom out.
– Click on the lower wheel with handles to turn it. The door opens.
– From the grey vaults you get: note with 25-65, blue card, pink card, green card and a clock in the same locker. yellow card and four clocks in the same locker.
– Look at the color of the note ”25-65” and open the vault with the same color, using this code.
– (The orange vault, lower right one in the left side of the room). Get a purple card and a wheel.
– Look at the big clock in the grey vault where you got the green card. It has a red dot in the middle.
– Use the time to open the red vault. My clock arms pointed at 9 and 11, so the time was 8:55, and that’s the numbers to use on the red vault. The time may differ in your game. Get a red card.
– Zoom on top of the box with the helmet to see 46AD.
– Out of the 2 green and the 2 yellow vaults, only one each has movable numbers. Look at the vaults that you can not move and use the same numbers to open the other ones of the same colors.
– Get a piece of paper from the yellow vault. Get another piece of paper from the green vault
– Zoom on the vault with the four small clocks.
– Turn the clock arms around until they don’t move anymore.
– You need to turn both the big and small arms of the clocks (takes some trial and error – keep trying). I think that moving three of them will make the arms of the fourth clock freeze as well.
– Look at the time on the blue clock. Use this time to open the blue vault.
– When I got the clock arms on 11 and 12 (time 11:55), the numbers to open the blue vault was 11 and 55.
When the arms of the blue clock pointed to 2 and 10 (time 1:50), the numbers were 1 and 50.
– See a golden box inside. Click to open and see the number 28.
– Zoom on the table. Place the two pieces of paper there. Place your 6 colored cards on the papers to see an equation. Solve this and use it on the code panel in the back wall (solution below)
– Zoom on the red vault in the back wall and put the wheel there .Use the numbers you’ve found in the lockers, but not yet used to open the blue and red vaults. (solution below)
– Click on the right side of the code panel to open the door and escape.

Code: 8952+7589= 16541
Red vault: use the number 46 (from inside the other red vault)
Blue vault: use the number 28 (from inside the other blue vault)

Cheers to Ellie for the great walkthrough!