No matter if you’re new to Vampire Wars or if you’re a veteran player, you might be curious to know how do the combat abilities work and how are these calculated when it comes to fighting other vampires. In this article I will try to explain you how the combat abilities work in Vampire Wars and hopefully help you understand the mechanics better.

So, each ability in Vampire Wars has two stats: defense and offense. When you attack another vampire, the game calculates the total attack stats of your abilities, plus your base attack stat (the formula for that is known by Zynga only, but it’s greatly influenced by your base attack skill). However, your clan limits the usage of your attack since you can’t use more abilities than you have clan memebers. Here’s an example to make things clear:

If you have 15 clan members in Vampire Wars and the following attack abilities:

3 pyros
6 Ironic Annihilation
2 Vampire lords
16 Claws of the Demon

You will only use the Pyros, Ironic Annigilation and Vampire Lords, but just one of the Claws. In order to use more, you’d have to grow your clan. However, the game automatically picks the best abilities you can use, so having tons of low level abilities won’t help you at all! The same calculators and information goes for the defensive abilities.

So can you choose the abilities you use during Vampire Wars combat? NO! The game selects them automatically, and selects the best ones for you.

Hopefully now that you know more about the abilities and how the stats are calculated, you’ll be able to create a winning strategy for your Vampire Wars character.