Trophies are an important part of any social game and Vampire Wars has tons of them. In this article I’ll tell you about all the trophies you can get while playing the game as well as some details about each trophy and how to get them. Lots of kudos goes to MadMacs for providing the information on the Vampire Wars forums! Now read on the Vampire Wars trophy Guide:

Completed Tutorial – You get this as soon as you create a new vamp, take the “quiz” and say GO. Easiest to get, obviously.
Friends w/ Benefits – 5/50/500 Clan Members – easy to get if you’re really active!
Britney Fan – dominate 5 Escaped Mental Patients
Fangtastic – Buy 5 Fangs
I’ve got a crush on you – Buy 10 Superhuman Strength
Vampire Smash – 20 HTs needed
Just a flesh wound – Buy 5 Fast Healing and start improving them
Unleaded – 10 Impervs needed
You feelin lucky, punk? – Indestructibles… you need 20 of them
Arriba Arriba – Buy 5 Inhuman Speed abilities
Nana Bat Form – 10 Bat Forms needed
This is your captain speaking – get 20 Super Flights
Bloody Mandy – Receive 8 Types of Blood Magic & Receive a Curse – just keep spinning the wheel as often as you can
Problem Child – Receive 10/150/275/500 Gifts from Santa
Smarty Pants – Complete the Vampire Movie Quiz – regardless of how you do, you get the trophy
I Feel Pretty – Receive 1 positive Judgement vote
Ballot Stuffer – Cast 100 Judgement votes
VILF – Receive +100 Judgement votes
Beaten with the Ugly Stick – Receive -100 Judgement votes
Friends of the red cross – Deposit 100k/1 mil/100 mil in Blood Bank
Overachiever – Gain 5/10/15/20/25 levels in a day. This is clearly the most difficult trophy and you should strive to get it as soon as possible since later on, levels become more difficult to get.
Arrrrr!! – Unlock 5 Crypt Chests…
Blood Brothers – Dominate 10 College Frats
Rite of Habeus Corpus – Dominate 20 Law Firms
I see dead people – Max Rage to 15/25/50 –
Gotta Get your fix – Max Energy to 25/50/100
Wud’ up my beaches? – Increase Defense to 25/50/100
All your limbs belong to us – Increase Attack to 25/50/100
Calling Dr. Acula – Max Health to 115/130/160
Mission Improbable – Complete 100/1k/20k/500k missions…
Better than the French Army – Win 100/1k/20k/500k fights…
Bone Collector – Reach Level 10/50/100/500
I accidentally the whole tier – Master Fledgling, Neophyte, Adept and Savant Mission tiers – You should have Fledgling by level 25, Neophyte by level 30, Adept by level 40, and Savant by level 52
Bring out your dead! – Complete the Deathbringer Mission tier
Got a map for this place? – Master the Vindicator Mission tier
They added a whole new fleet of these trophies – finish Superior Scion
Vlad of All Trades – all abilities mastered to level 1/2/3
Getting a head – Collect 20/200/1k Bounties