Some players complained that they didn’t get their rewards to build the Horseshoe Pit. Players are advised to enter the other Zynga games through the Horseshoe Pit in Frontierville. That way you’ll get the building material reward.

If you are looking for the Railroad Spike, then you must first go to Frontierville, click on your incomplete Horseshoe Pit, and then click on the Earn for Free Button. This will take you to the Mafia Wars games. You need to level up three times to earn the spike. So if you’re playing Mafia Wars, be sure to go to it via Frontierville to be safe.

Once you’ve reached the right level, you’ll be rewarded with the Railroad Spike for the Frontierville Horseshoe Pit. Not only that you’ll also receive Mafia Wars Promo Pack. It contains ten Hired Guns, an Energy Pack, and a Frontier Chainsaw. If you already have a Frontier Chainsaw from the previous Mafia Wars/Frontierville promo then you’ll find two in your inventory.

Have you successfully acquired your Railroad Spike for the Horseshoe Pit in Frontierville?