Zynga launched not one but two new districts in Mafia Wars Las Vegas. That’s right; District 7 (Area 51) and District 8 (Hoover Dam) are now available.

In the new Las Vegas Districts, players need to have lots of Hot Tips (dropped from a District 2 job) and Hotel Security Card (dropped from a District 4 job). When you master District 7, you’ll receive an Experimental Exosuit. Mastering District 8 will give the player a Hallorans Helicopter.

Along with the District 7 and District 8 come ten new achievements in Mafia Wars. Some of the achievements are:

  • Shake Em Down – earn this achievement by earning 1,000 Victory Coins in Vegas
  • Holes in the Desert – earned by icing five fighters in Vegas fights
  • Arachnophobia – earned by possessing 50 Desert Spiders
  • Long Arm of the LAW – earned by possessing 100 LAW weapons
  • In It to Win It – earned by wining 10 tournament fighting World Championship Bouts
  • Long Odds – earned by winning a tournament fighting bet of at least $1 with 10:1 odds or greater
  • Gambling Man – earned by winning a $100K tournament-fighting bet
  • Trouble Maker – earned by participating in Fight jobs 500 times