There is a new chicken available in FarmVille – the Rainbow Chicken – and therefore a new mystery egg that can be collected – the rainbow mystery egg, one really rare item that should definitely be appreciated by anybody who can collect it. I am sure that you’re curious to find out what’s inside the new rainbow mystery egg in FarmVille, so read on to see the prizes:

– Rainbow Cottage
– Jewel Button
– 20 Fuel Refills
– ?

If you have managed to get a Rainbow Mystery Egg in FarmVille, we’d love to hear from you in the comment section below – tell us what you’ve found inside!

You can only purchase the Rainbow Chicken from the market for 28 FV cash or you can win it in the FarmVille Mystery game for a limited time. Either way, as you can see, it’s really difficult to get the Rainbow Chicken and it will be even harder to get some Rainbow Mystery Eggs for them!