Zynga has introduced a loyalty program in Mafia Wars, one that offer players Loyalty Points for every purchase made in the game for real money. This way you can get extra items for a lower price: “You’ve earned emerald discounts. In recognition of your loyalty as an Emerald player, we’re offering you a special deal to buy reward points at 30% discount and to earn 1x loyalty points.”

This pop-up message informs you about the Loyalty Program, and in order to take advantage of it you need to purchase Reward Points, and for every dollar spent, you will receive one Loyalty Point. Except for the Emerald Program, there are two other that give you Loyalty Points:

Gold Loyalty Points: earn 2 LP for every $1 on select purchases
Platinum Loyalty Points: earn 4 LP for every $1 on select purchases

With the Loyalty Points you can purchase Loyalty Crates which have some really cool loot items that will certainly boost your stats in Mafia Wars.

What do you think about this Loyalty Program in Mafia Wars?