Even though I think that there are just too many crates released in Mafia Wars lately in order to even keep track of them (with the 7 Deadly Sins crate just released), Zynga is of another opinion and already released a new set of crates, the Loyalty Crates in Mafia Wars and, as always, we have all the information you need about them!

The new Loyalty Crates in Mafia Wars can be purchased with the newly introduced Loyalty Points (discussed in another post in the Unigamesity). You can buy any of the following two offers:

One Loyalty Crate (240 MW Loyalty Points)
Three Loyalty Crates (700 MW Loyalty Points)

Right now, we have confirmation for just some of the loot items you can find inside the Mafia Wars Loyalty Crates, but we’re expanding the list as we find out more. Here are the items you can find in the new crates:

– Utility Vest (26 Attack, 50 Defense) – common
– Trio Incarnate (84 Attack, 39 Defense) – Rare
– Opulence (40 Attack, 83 Defense) – Rare
– Zipper S10 (49 Attack, 29 Defense) – Common
– Great Horned Owl (56 Attcak, 29 Defense) – Common

What items have you found in your Mafia Wars Loyalty Crates?