Zynga released a new crate today in the Mafia Wars Marketplace. The new crate is called 7 Deadly Sins Crate and its contents are the seven deadly sins themselves.

7 Deadly Sins Crate costs 12 RP or you can buy three 7 Deadly Sins Crates for 35 RP. You have a ten percent chance to get a rare item, 30 percent chance for an uncommon item and 60 percent chance for common items.

The following items are found from a 7 Deadly Sins Crate:


  • Wrath (35 Attack 66 Defense)
  • Lust (29 Attack 62 Defense)
  • Gluttony (63 Attack 30 Defense)
  • Greed (31 Attack 63 Defense)


  • Envy (66 Attack 36 Defense)
  • Sloth (66 Attack 33 Defense)


  • Her Pretty Head (38 Attack 76 Defense)

Unlike previous mystery crates, even the common items from the 7 Deadly Sins Crates are good. If you got some extra RPs, then you could invest in one and hope you’re lucky enough to get the rare Her Pretty Face.

Have you bought a 7 Deadly Sins Crate yet? What did you get from it?