When building a Horseshoe Pit in your Frontierville homestead, you need to collect ten Measuring Tapes aside from the other cross-game reward items. Actually you have two ways to accomplish this task.

The first method is to click the Ask Friends Button. This will post a feed in your wall asking for Measuring Tapes. The bad news is that each request is valid for the first three neighbors who click on it.

The second method is to send Measuring Tapes to your Frontierville Neighbors. Keep an eye out for those requests in your wall. When you send one to your friend, you’ll receive one as well. Being helpful in Frontierville has its rewards.

Once you have ten Measuring Tapes, you just need to be patient and play the other Zynga games to get the other building materials for the Horseshoe Pit. Actually we might have to wait a little longer because building materials are not rewarded even if you have completed the task. I have planted and harvested at least 200 plants in Farmville but I haven’t received my Wooden Board yet.

Paging Zynga! You shouldn’t have rolled out this feature if your cross-game rewards are still buggy.