With all the new animals released to FarmVille lately, it is obvious that you also have tons of baby animals and you’re in need of more space to store them. Fortunately, Zynga is aware of this and starting today is allowing us to expand the Nursery Barn – and I’m going to share with you a guide to the Nursery Barn Expansion to make things easier for you!

First of all, why should you expand the nursery barn in FarmVille? Because the more animals you have in the building, the more chances you have of producing adult animals out of them! Fortunately, there are two upgrades for the nursery barn – The first upgrade will provide you with 10 extra storage and the second upgrade will give an additional 10, so you can get 20 extra storage spaces in total.

How to expand the Nursery Barn?
The easiest and cheapest way to do it is by collecting the required building materials for your neighbors. Here are the items required for expanding the Nursery Barn:

– 10 Bricks
– 10 Wooden Boards
– 10 Nails
– 10 Bottle
– 10 Blanket

In order to get these items, you can click the “ask for more” button beneath each material or receive them as free gifts from friends. Please note that special delivery crates might also provide you with the items required for completing the Nursery Barn!

Alternately, you can purchase the complete Nursery Barn expansion for 50 Farm Cash, or buy extra materials for 1 Farm Cash per item.

Have you managed to complete the Nursery Barn Expansion in FarmVille?