So, you want to build a thriving civilization in City of Wonder and don’t really know how to get started or what to do? Pretty soon you will be an ace when it comes to city building and management because I’m sharing with you this simple but effect City of Wonder Beginner’s Guide!

1. Build Residential Homes to increase your population
A civilization without people to help it grow doesn’t exist, so focus first on building some houses – make sure that you collect them regularly, otherwise your population won’t increase!

2. Construct Cultural Building to keep your people happy and population growing
Population goes hand in hand with the happiness of your people and cultural buildings are the key to having a high happiness rate – if people get unhappy, population won’t grow and you won’t be able to go in expeditions.

3. Keep the cash flowing by building Markets and Goods buildings
Start with a Market and a goods building – the market is more expensive but produces small amounts regularly, while the Goods building produces bigger amounts at different intervals – and you get to choose them. Remember to come back and collect in due time, otherwise you will get nothing!

4. Keep researching new technologies!
Want more buildings and decorations? Researching new technologies will unlock more structures, and help advance your civilization through time. Your Military, Economic, and Cultural Advisors are ready to give you advice on the path to go down. If you want a bigger look at where your research will take you, click the tech tree icon in the Research Menu to access the Research Tree.

5. Add allies and build embassies
Allies not only give you extra stats in attack and defense when conducting expeditions, but also help you gain some easy money – so the more, the better!

6. Sit back, relax and take it easy
All social games require time to be mastered, so don’t try to do everything to become an ace in a few minutes, because it’s impossible.

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Good luck!