nomansskyUpdate 3: Hello Games has offered further clarity regarding its plan on dealing with the aftermath of the Guildford flood. It’s all good news, as the studio confirmed on its website that development on No Man’s Sky will commence. The team does not expect to delay the game and have relocated to a temporary location and are working “full speed.”

You can read up more about their current situation on the site.

Update 2: Hello Games has revealed that the damage to its office last week won’t be covered by flood insurance. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said he heard about the developer’s situation on twitter, and is currently “going to look into it.” 

Hello Games surprised everyone with their No Man’s Sky teaser trailer at this year’s VGX. The procedurally generated MMO, which focuses on a sci-fi setting, has quickly become an anticipated title for next-gen consoles. Hopefully the small studio can get the help they need to realize their project.

Update 1: Hello Games has provided an update concerning their current situation with the aftermath of the Christmas Eve storm. But they still haven’t specified an updates regarding their two upcoming titles.

“Ok so this is a weird Xmas day. Thank you to *everyone* for being lovely and thoughtful in this crappy time – now go enjoy your Christmas. A river broke its bank nearby yesterday, and A LOT of water flooded in really quickly. A biblical amount. It was coming in the windows!

We’ve lost most things – PCs, monitors, furniture, a door, a wall. You’d think the massive water cooled mega PC would be ok? It was not :( Lots of personal stuff lost (my console collection! my super rare neo geo pocket!) – that line between home and office is a little blurry.

We’re taking stock today, but already I know we’ll come back stronger :) – all we’ll need is a place to work and a machine to work on :)”

Original Story: Following a recent storm hitting the United Kingdom today studio Hello Games’, developer of the Joe Danger series and the upcoming No Man’s Sky, office in Guildford has been completely flooded, the developer revealed on twitter today.

“Oh god. Water moves really quick. Hello Games has been totally flooded,” the studio wrote. “Everything in the office has pretty much been lost :(“

“A lifesize cardboard cut out of Joe Danger went floating past face down. Poor Joe. He’s taking this the worst,” Hello Games added. “Massive thanks to everyone who tried to help here today. We have learned that laptops float sometimes.”

“Leaving now and letting firemen to help real people (all the houses around us with kids and xmas) – rather than us drowning to save a hdd :)”

Hello Games, a studio with less than 10 people in employment, just recently announced the ambitious procedurally generated sci-fi game No Man’s Sky. The studio also planned on releasing Joe Danger Infinity fairly soon. The status of both projects have not been confirmed as the developer is dealing with the aftermath of the storm. More information concerning the impact of both games should be revealed in the upcoming days.

But so as long as everyone made it out safe, all is well.



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