turtle rock studiosTurtle Rock Studios has released their first cinematic trailer for their new game, Evolve. Evolve is a game that pits four human players up against a massive alien beast that, through eating other creatures, grows ever more powerful as matches progress. You can play as one of four humans, each with their own abilities and strengths, or play as the beast itself, trying to squash the puny humans as they fight their last fight. The game will be a cooperative gun-fest like Left 4 Dead, but with many improvements to boot.

Turtle Rock Studios has built a name for itself with the success of Left 4 Dead, and with their new game Evolve coming out soon, it’s about time we see the first trailer. My initial response however, was a feeling of displeasure. While I like the ideas Evolve presents, you might recall in my Lightning Returns article, that I am a bit tired of trailers that show vague details that may or may not be representative of the final product.


Yes, I’m sure you will see four people that shoot a big alien, and everything will look like they do in the trailer, but what I want is to see the game that they so arrogantly ask us to pre-order without having shown any game play. When you are initially showing off your game, it is perfectly acceptable to build hype with a cinematic trailer, but at least show your consumers enough respect to not expect pre-orders on a new IP that has not even been shown off in its real form.

All of that said, the trailer itself was done very well. The music captures the atmosphere and tone the trailer wants perfectly, and while the cinematics themselves are not in-game, they do a great job of providing us with an early look at it.