DestinyBungie has revealed screenshots of one of the vehicles players will be able to ride in the upcoming First Person Shooter Destiny.

In a post on, the developer introduced us to the Shrike, each player’s personal vehicle to allow you to traverse the vast landscape of Destiny.

Described in the blog post as “sleek, nimble and fast”, the design of the vehicle was not only focused on giving players a great way to get around, but to ensure that the Shrike is your “very own pride and joy”. Isaac Hannaford, Concept Artist for Bungie, said: “We wanted to give Guardians the experience of having a glorious beast to convey them from place to place – something that represented them.”

In fact, the paint scheme of the Shrike differs depending on which of the three character classes you choose to be, with a choice of Hunter, Titan and Warlock. Artist Tom Doyle says that: ““The Shrike is something that you’ll upgrade over time in Destiny,” and that ““Each paint scheme has its own distinct colour palette to reflect progression.”

Doyle likened the ability to summon the Shrike on demand to turning “you and your friends into a futuristic biker gang” as he believes “Getting from point A to point B should be fun… not a menu option.”

Destiny still has a number of vehicles which Bungie has not yet revealed, so more information should be coming soon. A beta is planned sometime during the summer before the game gets its release in September.

Take a look at the Shrike below:

Destiny Shrike