star-trek-online-screenIf you want to boldly go where no one has gone before (and do it before everybody else), you might have a chance: Cryptic is starting to consider applications for the closed Star Trek Online beta testing phase which will kick off sometime later this year – at a date that wasn’t specified for now.

The news silently popped up on the official STO website where the latest news reads: “The Star Trek Online team is happy to announce we’re taking applications for the Star Trek Online closed beta, which will occur later this year! As we proceed with testing the game, we’re relying on you, our fans, to help us work out kinks, squash bugs and create the best Star Trek experience we can.”

In order to sign up and have a chance at the Star Trek Online closed beta stage, you will have to visit this page and answer the questions there, then hope you’ll be one of the lucky few who will be randomly selected by the Cryptic team to test the upcoming MMO.

If you don’t feel too lucky, you can also buy a six months subscription to the recently released Champions Online and you’ll have a guaranteed spot in the Star Trek Online beta (and the same goes for those who have a lifetime subscription). So good luck and godspeed!