aion-betaWith just a few days left until Aion arrives on North American shores, the game’s producer Brian Knox published a producer letter with more details on the upcoming release of the MMO, including new areas, patch details and much more.

According to the letter, amongst the changes there are two new areas, new instances, over 40 new default faces to customize your characters, increased PvPvE rewards, user interface changes, new items and skills (plus increased balance), “tons of new quests”, chat channels and much more. So yes, there are obvious proofs that Aion will indeed have what it takes to rock the Western MMO world too!

“Overall, we are very excited for Open Beta,” admitted the Aion producer Brian Knox. “It is a culmination of a lot of effort and the feedback of our community. For example, one of the most requested features during Closed Beta testing was a suggestion to use the left mouse button to change the camera. We also added more content both in the persistent game world and in instanced dungeons. You’ll see this change and many others were added in this game update”

He also warned people that, however, it is an open beta we’re talking about and the experience might not be completely flawless. Also, due to the developers’ need to test all races and for balance reasons, some races might become unavailable to be chosen if too many people already picked them up. So it would be wise to try and be amongst the first people to register if you wish to play a specific race!

More details about the beta can be read in the full producer letter on the official Aion website.