champions-online-launchedYesterday, Champions Online went live and, just as it lately happens in the world of MMO games, it was followed by a patch. Unlike other patches released on launch day, the Champions Online patch managed to spark some controversy and confuse some players because it brought in some changes people were not ready for… and apparently neither was the game itself.

I am talking about the balance changes: even though well intended and based on user feedback to make Cryptic’s game a bit more challenging, there were some (or many) things that went wrong. Since the changes affected the CO heroes’ abilities, many gamers were left frustrated and confused – a feeling that grew even bigger due to some problems with the respec costs which were bugged. Fortunately, Cryptic quickly jumped on to solve the problem and they reported that it all works out fine now. And we’ll forgive them – after all, every MMO launch comes with some unexpected problems!

And problems aside, the Champions Online patch did bring in some nice and welcomed changes, such as improvements for the sorcery players (and a free respec), increased drop rates, and much more. The developers have also announced the first content expansion, titled Blood Moon – but no details were offered on the matter.

If you wish to check out the entire announcement post of the changes brought to Champions Online by the launch patch, head over to the game’s official boards and read this message.