You might be saving for the big releases that will hit the stores in the next couple of months, but if you have some extra money, there are some great PC games to be released this month too, out of which at least the top three on the following list should be considered “must own” games. So if you’re still wondering what you should buy, I have created a list for you to read below and see the top 10 PC games to buy in September!

10wolfenstein10. Wolfenstein – in case you didn’t manage to grab it last month, id’s first person shooter is a game you should always consider purchasing. You can buy a new copy from Play Asia for $54.90 or you can try your luck on and buy it for as low as $23.99.

09tropico9. Tropico 3 – it might indeed be a missed shot (so it would probably be wise to wait for a few reviews of the game first) but Tropico 3, if done correctly, could be one of the most pleasant surprises of the year. Kalypso, however, failed to deliver a top game for quite a while now and that’s why Tropico 3 is only at number 9. You can get it here, for $39.99.

08minininjas8. Mini Ninjas – Eidos will certainly deliver a really fun title with Mini Ninjas, an arcade game that will certainly entertain. We can only hope that the PC was indeed a priority for the developers and we won’t get just a poor port. You can order the game from Play Asia for $34.90 or get it from Amazon for prices that can be as low as $29.99.

CM10_G4W_Inlay_UK.indd7. Championship Manager 2010 – we’ve been waiting for quite a while for this game that finally gets released this month and seems like a true football management simulation, as I have told you in my preview of the game. It will of course be mostly a game for the fans of the genre only, but since it can still be purchased for the price you want (even one lousy cent!) from its official website until September 11, it’s a great bargain!

06aion6. Aion – a very promising RPG that could shake the big boys (WoW, WAR, AoC) a little more than anticipated. I do believe that Aion will prove to be a really pleasant surprise and if we are to judge from the beta impressions posted by players on different sites, it is a high quality product. You can give it a try for yourself and order the boxed copy of the game from its official website.

05orderofwar5. Order of War – Square Enix turns its attention again to the PC gamers with the release of Order of War, a strategy game highly ignored by the media. However, it promises to deliver some really amazing features, like 1,000 soldiers on screen, intense and high quality battles and much more. Once again, it might be safer to wait for a few reviews before rushing to buy the game, but if all the promises are met, it should be a top notch game! You can get it from

04residentevil54. Resident Evil 5 – There’s really not much to say about RE5, a game I totally loved playing on my Xbox 360. It will deliver some extra goodies only for the PC users and some better graphics, so if you don’t already own the game, it would be a good call to go for the PC version – and you can get it at a cheaper price than the console version! You can get it from Play Asia or Amazon.

03nfsshift3. Need for Speed SHIFT – again a title that can be a hit or a miss, but we do have faith in Electronic Arts that they will be able to revive the NFS franchise and deliver a top quality racing title. So, no matter if we like it or not, NFS Shift remains one of the most promising releases of the month. Let’s just hope that after playing it we won’t have to remove the “F” from SHIFT. You can order the game from Play Asia or the Amazon store.

02rfguerrilla2. Red Faction Guerrilla – a game we’ve been all waiting for, a game that took longer than expected to hit the stores, a game that will hopefully not disappoint and turn into a really bad joke. Red Faction Guerrilla should turn us into some real environment destruction, FPS-addicted guys and girls and we should have no reasons to be upset when that happens. Let’s just hope it will. You can buy THQ’s game for a special price from

01batman1. Batman: Arkham Asylum – the title that is already in the Guinness Book of Records, and obviously the hottest release of the month. Batman: Arkham Asylum is the game it would worth saving some money for and it can be already considered one of the best games of the year. You can order it from your vendor of choice: Play Asia or Amazon.