There are several items that are part of This Week’s Special in Pet Society. These items are available until midnight of May 31, 2001, although there’s a possibility that the items will be available in the future.

From the DIY Shop, you can get the Dawn View Tower Wall for 1,200 coins and the Blue Stone Tower Flooring for 700 coins. For Windows and Doors you can get the Dawn View Tower Window for 900 coins and the Sleeping Princess Stained Glass Window for 1,000 coins. Lastly, in the Fixtures and Fittings section you can get the Enchanted Wall Candle for 600 coins and the Enchanted Floor Candlestick for 900 coins.

From the Clothes Shop, girls can buy the Good Fairy Dress for 900 coins, Precious Pink Tiara for 1,100 coins, Good Fairy Shoes for 300 shoes, and the Short Princess Wig for 1,400 coins. Boys get nothing this week.

Then head to the Garden Shop if you want to purchase the Rose Briar Arch for 900 coins and Enchanted Lamp Post for 1,300 coins. You can use these items to decorate your garden or in any other room.