There Are New Farmville Gifts to Send to Your Friends

There Are New Farmville Gifts to Send to Your Friends

farmville-newgiftsStarting today, you can no longer send your friends the Halloween themed gifts in Farmville, but instead you can send them two brand new gifts introduced by Zynga: the Red Gazing Ball and the Bird Bath – you can see both new gifts in the image to the left, by clicking on it to expand.

These new additions follow the recently introduced Alien decorations, proving once more that Zynga does its best to expand the best farming game on the market, Farmville. So, when you log in to your Farmville game today, don’t forget to send your friends one of the two new gifts!

And if we’re at the topic, why not share with the other Unigamesity readers your thoughts on what other items Zynga should introduce as free Farmville gifts to send your friends? And which of the two new items you’d like to receive first from your friends?

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Please, where can I find a bird bath