Probably because of the immense success recorded by the supercool Kung Fu Panda or, who knows, maybe because the Bruce Lee movies are starting to get high rankings on IMDB or just “Everybody was Kung Fu fighting“… Well, we don’t really know why, but people just love kung fu nowadays and as a proof stands Vestgame’s decision to open a new server for their martial arts free to play MMOG, World of Kung Fu.

WoKF is a game rooted in traditional Chinese culture which takes players through a journey of justice and heroism (a change to the regular MMORPG where “bee-atch pawning” is the main quest). The opening of this new server, IronMonkey, will be celebrated with a special event whose details are still kept secret. However, the devs promise that it will be a “major surprise to delight participating players”.

Also, since people seem to really care about this World of Kung Fu MMO, a new upgrade will be released in November, featuring a new invasion system (country-to-country invasions, and invasions of the Middle Kingdom by hostile outside forces) as well as other features and enhancement which, you’ve guessed it right, are still kept secret.