sims3We all knew that The Sims 3 will be huge in terms of copies sold, but nobody could’ve anticipated the huge amount of units EA’s latest life sim game would generate, especially because of a really unwanted leaked Sims 3 version before the game’s launch. However, we have today the sales numbers for The Sims 3, according to Electronic Arts: 3.7 million since launch! Impressive!

Strangely, even though the Sims 3 sales were massive and probably a bit bigger than anticipated, Electronic Arts still didn’t manage to turn in a profit, which is also strange for the biggest publisher in the world… it might be the recession, it might be the fact that some gamers are tired of sequels or it might just be the fact that one company can not get bigger.

However, these things matter the least for us – we only care that the upcoming Sims 3 expansion is a quality one, so that EA makes a bit more money to fund further game development!