The Secret World is a place where we can find a lot of special items and Kingsmouth Town is the place where lore locations are revealed in this article. We can find there lore for the 1712 Fire category, as well as the Lady Margaret. I am here to share with you the exact lore locations for these two categories in The Secret World, with exact map coordinates and details on where exactly to find the items.

So let’s check out the lore locations guide for The Secret World, Kingsmouth Town.

1712 Fire Lore Locations

1. Coordinates: 250, 510 (Behind the church, in the graveyard)
2. Coordinates: 468, 525 (Fire Station, 2nd floor)
3. Coordinates: 173, 616 (In the charred remains pit)
4. Coordinates: 165, 563 (In the witch-trial victim pit)
5. Coordinates: 361, 350 (Town Hall, last floor)
6. Coordinates: 388, 258 (Kingmouth Tourism)
7. Coordinates: 339, 456 (Behind the sign for the Priest House)
8. Coordinates: 40, 747 (Upper side of the Blue Ridge Mountain tunnel)
9. Coordinates: 227, 782 (Under the Langmore bridge)
10. Coordinates: 48, 650 (Go up the hill at Cannonball Bill)

The Lady Margaret Lore Locations

1. Coordinates: 506, 135 (on the Lady Margaret boat)
2. Coordinates: 582, 306 (The upper side of the shipw reck – north)
3. Coordinates: 645, 227 (The right side of the shipwreck – east)
4. Coordinates: 700, 177 (The top of the ship)
5. Coordinates: 687, 176 (The top of the water tower)
6. Coordinates: 569, 363 (In the tent on the Lobster Trap)
7. Coordinates: 508, 302 (There are some boxes there where you will find the lore)
8. Coordinates: 528, 170 (Below the dock)
9. Coordinates: 616, 117 (Get to Pyramid Point)
10. Coordinates: 567, 275 (Find it in the bay)
11. Coordinates: 573, 398 (On the top of the Lobster Trap)
12. Coordinates: 533, 439 (On the porch)
13. Coordinates: 459, 379 (On the house’s roof)

I really hope that these lore locations will provide useful and help you collect them as fast as possible. Good luck!


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