the-secret-worldFuncom, the developers of the Age of Conan MMORPG, want to show us that they do know how to create a massively multiplayer online game and therefore decided to tease us with their next project, The Secret World. They’ve released a trailer for the upcoming game – a never-done-before horror MMO and from what we’ve seen in the footage, it’s quite promising.

Of course, experienced gamers can’t risk to get too excited, as they did with Age of Conan who proved to be just mediocre at launch and disappointed a lot of gamers. But we all know that big surprises come from those places we don’t expect them to. So… could the Secret World deliver that surprise? We’ll see!

Until then, check out the in-game footage video below, the first Secret World trailer titled Kingsmouth trailer. In the video, presented as an emergency broadcast from the Kingsmouth Public access channel, we’re told the story of the town that got surrounded by the “dark fog” that turned almost everybody into… zombies! Yes, that’s right, Secret World is the first zombie MMORPG and it certainly looks like a game everybody can love. Horror-MMO, a genre that had to be tested and I’m glad it was FunCom that did it. Now just watch the trailer below and pray that this time the game is done right: