city-of-eternals-charactersFollowing the vampire-loving craze created by the Twilight Saga, but also from the need to add something new to the world of massively multiplayer online games, start-up company Ohai has created City of Eternals, the “web’s first free vampire game world”, one that blends traditional MMO gaming with the new and emerging notion of social games!

The official description says it all: the game is “set in the dark, exciting world of modern vampires. This vampire-themed game is free to play on the web with no downloads, just an internet browser, Flash, and a Facebook account.“

This means that the game uses Facebook Connect to let Facebook users play it quickly, without going through the annoying process of account creation/e-mail confirmation. You simply log in using your Facebook credentials, and you’re ready to begin your journey into your second life – the life of a vampire!

Gameplay-wise, City of Eternals is quite a decent MMO even though you can feel every now and then the limitations of flash (which is, either way, pushed to its limits!) There are four factions in the game, presented as houses: House Cosca, House Gaiana, House duArc and House Zakone. Strangely, no House Dracula or something similar, even though he’s one of the best known vampires in the world.

However, the best part of City of Eternals is its extended social gameplay: unlike regular MMORPGs, Ohai’s title connects the avatar with a real player using Facebook. Therefore, you can see the picture of the vampire you’re fighting against or teaming up with and even send them a message if they so allow. Also, there are all sorts of missions you can complete within the game and brag on your Facebook wall, as well as social goods you can purchase for various boosts.

In other words – City of Eternals promises to become a really cool “next-gen” free to play MMORPG. Check it out on its official page and Facebook and tell us what do you think about this new game!