Dragonica Will Soon Get The Temple of Water

Dragonica Will Soon Get The Temple of Water

dragonicaA new dungeon will be released in the virtual worlds of Dragonica, the manga-style MMORPG from gPotato: The Temple of Water. Launching on February 4 this year for the European version of Dragonica (no word on the rest of the world), The Temple of Water is a new dungeon for mid level players. Read on for the full details!

The Temple of Water has been well known to the inhabitants of the great city of Port of the Winds for many centuries. Recently, the once benevolent Water Spirit “Endairon” cut all communication with the diplomatic leaders of the Dragon Fellowship, and strange aquatic creatures have been spotted emerging from the great Water Temple. The concerned Lord Steven has requested that all hardy and adventurous players should investigate the strange goings on and help the citizens of Port of the Winds to cleanse the temple of evil.

It is not yet known if the events that led to the disappearance of the Drakos Dungeon caused the Water Spirits in the Temple of Water to go mad, and soon players will again need to investigate the Drakos Dungeon to find out what has happened to its already strange inhabitants.

The new Dragonica dungeon will be accessible to all players, but aimed for those of levels 26-30. And as another good news for the MMO’s players, Drakos Dungeon, aimed at characters between levels 58 – 65, will be reopened in just a couple of weeks time!