startrekonlineSome people who signed up for early access (or a head start, as Cryptic calls it) to the Star Trek Online MMO encountered a few minor problems with the game – things that usually happen when such a huge project goes live. Therefore, the early problems related to Star Trek Online are either Liberated Borg-related, related to the lack of some goodies players should’ve received or related to server performance. To put it short – Cryptic is working to fix every STO issue!

According to an official posting on the Star Trek Online Website, the developers are working hard to fix the problems, but also offered some early solutions for those who still have problems with Star Trek Online:

“First, claiming the Liberated Borg character creation option should be available to most Lifetime subscribers. To claim them: Simply access the character creation screen. Your Liberated Borg will appear in the list of available species.” Also, the issue for those who got their Lifetime subscription after 10AM on January 29 should be fixed ASAP.

Regarding the lack of the exclusive goodies, Cryptic assures you all that they’ll become available once the game officially launches (on February 2) and once you’ve applied your retail key, which you’ll receive either with your box or from your digital retailer.

Finally, the server issues with Star Trek Online should be solved by now but the developers will keep an eye on how things are working to make sure we’ll all be able to play the game at full speed!

Have you encountered any problems while playing the game?


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