The Secret World is revolutionizing the world of MMO games by making grinding a thing of the past and eliminating the idea of levels in the game. This means that fewer players will be able to dominate The Secret World by taking advantage of exploits or by using bots and more and more will actually need a solid strategy combined with some tips and tricks from pro players in order to be successful in the game.

This is why I am sharing with you today The Secret World Domination, an amazing eBook that will completely and permanently improve the way you play the game and turn you into one of the big players. Because this is more than a simple book of strategy for The Secret World, it is a guide & walkthrough for the game and it’s constantly updated by its author.

Therefore, if you decided to download the Secret World Domination book, you will get, among many other things:

– Complete mission guides to help you complete all those missions in the game.
– A complete guide to the Secret World missions that will help you improve your rank in the faction.
– Guide to choosing the best faction for your play style
– Crafting Guide
– Tokens guide
– and much, much more

This is really the only resource that you need in order to fully understand The Secret World and to be able to get the most out of it. So why go the hard way and lose time and money trying to see how things work and failing numerous times instead of simply getting The Secret World Domination and becoming a pro from the start?

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