Somebody decided to create a Skyrim mod that will bring some of the Minecraft characters to the game world which, from start, is a very interesting idea, especially if we consider that usually all the other games get a Minecraft “version”.

But for the fans of Minecraft, there is not MinerFriends – Minecraft available for download from Steam Works, delivering some really exciting content to the world of Skyrim: Mr Minecraft himself (or Minecraft Steve as we all know him), as well as his entire house near Riverwood, plus the mob from Minecraft, with Zombies and Creepers topping the “I like it” list of goodies brought in by the mod.

The mod looks good and the download size is of just a bit over 1MB, so it’s definitely worth trying. So if you are a fan of Minecraft and you want to bring a bit of it to the world of Skyrim, make sure to download the MinerFriends – Minecraft mod from Steam Works.